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  • Annual Fund Drive Going Well!

Thanks to our generous donors, CEJ's annual fund drive has raised 93% of our goal of $1,275,000! CEJ leadership has put forward more than $65,000 in matching funds for new and increased donors statewide, a generous Southern Oregon donor has put up a $20,000 match there, and Cascade Women Lawyers leadership has also gathered almost $5000 in matching funds to make donor dollars go even further. If you haven't donated yet, there's still time--the annual fund drive ends on March 31, 2017.

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  • Mark Wada Receives Henry Hewitt Access to Justice Award

At CEJ's 26th Annual Awards Luncheon on February 21, Mark Wada received the Henry Hewitt Award. This award recognizes individuals who, through strong leadership, consistent effort, and commitment to the ideal of equal justice under the law, have made a substantial contribution to legal aid for low-income Oregonians. Mark exemplifies the values we hold most dear within our legal system: professionalism, steadfast respect for the rule of law, and the belief that all people deserve to be respected and heard within our courts. To watch Mark's remarks at the luncheon, click here.

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  • Legal Aid Addresses the Housing Crisis

Communities throughout Oregon are struggling with an unprecedented housing emergency. Urban and rural communities can experience this in different ways, but common problems include: lack of affordable housing stock, rising rents, discrimination, and habitability issues. Lack of access to safe and affordable housing leads to homelessness and human suffering.
Oregon’s legal aid programs are implementing a multi-faceted approach to help clients who are being hurt by the affordable housing crisis. Legal aid provides web based materials, public education, advice, limited services and representation. If you are interested in learning more about legal aid's work in this area, visit this page and/or contact us.


You & Legal Aid Helped Joan & Matty

When "Joan" faced eviction after her abuser harrassed her at her apartment complex, legal aid helped keep her and "Matty" in their home.

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You & Legal Aid Helped Emily

Emily's husband was violent and the violence was escalating. Legal aid helped guide Emily through the restraining order process.

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You & Legal Aid Helped Steve

When "Steve's" landlord shut off the boiler, leaving all the tenants without heat for eight months, legal aid helped them assert their rights.

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